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Sometimes people are apprehensive about having their photo taken.  We are often worried about how we look, especially if it may be documented in a photograph. Too often, however, we become our own worst enemy.  It’s easy for us to pick apart the things we think are flaws, while missing the memory of the fun times we shared.  Julia and I have a million photos of our kids around the house, but we make an extra effort to make sure that we get into those photos as well.  We find that our kids enjoy the photos even more when she and I are also a part of the action.  Last week we visited Torrey Pines in La Jolla and made some new friends. They put aside their nerves for a little while to let us photograph them together as a family. These people are beautiful both inside and out!

teresa0 teresa1










Finally getting around to post some photos of the Fountain family on their visit to San Diego from Santa Rosa, CA.  It’s fun to see how they’ve grown since the last photos we took. Wish we could see them all more often.













February 04, 2013

We’re really blessed to live here in America’s Finest City.  San Diego has the most beautiful weather, even during our “winter” months.  A few weeks ago, we met the Thelen family down near the water by SeaPort Village.  This is our second chance to photograph this little lady and her family.  The first time we met over at the Presidio for some fun family photos in the park.  On this day, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset, ran on the grass, and just enjoyed a casual stroll along the boardwalk while photographing their time together as a family.

SeaPort Village family photo thelen-52-5889 thelen1 thelen2 thelen3 thelen4 thelen5


Here’s a quick look at some of the photos from our session last week at Mountain Hawk Park in Chula Vista with the Ayer family.

Ayer family

Schafer Photography photo of Chula Vista family.

Chula Vista photography - Schafer Photography

Chula Vista family photography by Schafer Photography

Chula Vista famiy photos by Schafer Photography


December 10, 2012

We finally got the chance to meet up with the Lindsey family at Old Poway Park.  It was another beautiful December afternoon in San Diego.  We enjoyed our time at the park listening for the train and playing in the leaves.



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