our philosophy - relaxed casual san diego lifestyle photography

Ok...Seriously....No one wants that awful picture-taking experience with yelling, crying, and plastic smiles. No one.

We want to have fun. So do you. We want to relax and hang-out and play.

Now we all know that there is a certain amount of pressure involved in getting your photo taken, but we want to take as much of that away as possible. We can do that. Look, we once had an 11-year-old boy tell his mom, "That was a really fun photo session. Can we do that again?" If we can make it fun for an 11 year old boy, we can make it fun for YOU.

During your session, we'll set you up in a few semi-posed relaxed positions. In between, we'll shoot lots of photos of you...and your family if you want...hanging out. And that's what we really want to photograph...you and your family sharing some fun, casual time together. We want you to look at the camera sometimes....and look at each other more. We will NOT yell: "SAY CHEESE". Julia WILL probably dance a little and pretend to stick something in my ear or make fun of my hair... to make you laugh.

Most of all, we want you to relax. We want you to laugh. We want you to have some fun...because it shows in the photos. These are the kind of photos you are going to want to hang on your walls and show your friends and family.

Give us a call so we can hang out, laugh, and play.