What should we WEAR?

This is the most common question we get. We have to be honest and say that we're not a huge fan everyone wearing the same exact clothes (jeans and white shirts = no thanks). It's just not our style.
Our biggest recommendation is to wear something comfortable. And that goes for the kids too. Remember that the more comfortable you feel, the more comfortable you look. The other thing to consider is YOUR natural style. Some people want t-shirts with slogans, shorts and flip-flops. Others want colors that go together, but not wearing the same thing. Check out some of our photo galleries here and see what other clients chose to wear. Finally, call Julia. She's great at helping with clothing choices.

How do I see the photos you took?

About 2 weeks after our session date, you will recieve an email with your personal photo gallery password. This password can be given out to any friends or family that you would like to view your images. You can log into our website and view your images for 14 days. During that time, you can order prints through us, or purchase a cd of as many images as you like (or all of them) directly through our website. You can even use paypal to pay with credit card.

Why does it take 2 weeks before I can see my photos online?

We take time to custom edit each picture that you see on your personal gallery. This takes about 10 -14 days.

Where should I go to get my printing done?

We've used several labs with great success. For professional prints ordered online, we recommend Mpix at www.mpix.com. They offer professional quality printing and reasonable prices. When we want images printed locally that we know will be done right, we go to Gaslamp Photo in San Diego. Their number is (619) 696-8733. Tell them that we sent you.

What's the best time for photographing newborns? Newborns are often photographed during the first 2 weeks. If you are able to contact us before your baby is born and put us on your list of people to call, we can schedule you ASAP after you return home. Babies are always wonderful to photograph, so contact us whenever you are ready.

When should I schedule my maternity session?

Maternity photos are best after the 7th month of pregancy.

Julia is so cool and Jason is such a geek...how did you possibly find each other?

Let's not get into that.....

Your logo is awesome...who designed it?

Steve Galaty from Sun God Graphics is family. He's got some unbelievable ideas on graphics and website design. And even if he wasn't Julia's sister's husband, we'd still hang out with him. Steve came up with the original design. Our friend Joel Ertsgaard helped give it a little update last year. We love our logo. To us it represents San Diego living... that's what we photograph.

I love the music on your site, where did you find it?

The music on our site is from FatHappy. Jeff Ostenson from Fat Happy is a friend from college. He was instrumental (no pun intended) in helping Jason convince Julia to go out with him. If you email him, ask him the story about how he was lost in England...that's another GREAT song.